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Aquaculture (2017)

The employees of a cult like biotech company test their product on themselves.

writer/director. scripted short. trt: 11:30.

Starring Josephine Decker, Nicole Chaffin, Jacob Nichols, and Abigail Wahl

  • Festival Premiere, Sarasota Film Festival 2018

  • Online Premiere, NoBudge 2018

  • Best Production Design, First Run Film Festival 2018

  • Best Producing, First Run Film Festival 2018

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Poster by Dana Davis

Poster by Dana Davis

Shaw has created a universe all her own, one of swimming pools, melodicas, and possibly sentient yoga balls, discordant elements that fall into a defiant harmonic atmosphere operating on an ephemeral but undeniable logic.
— Bright Wall/Dark Room